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Working in harmony
with Nature’s gifts of wind and tide,

sailing our local goods

Community Scale Sail Transport: Debriefing Report for 2015 Season

While perhaps not the happiest report re: sail transport efforts in the Puget Sound, it’s realistic: we were unable to find sailors who were willing to manage as a co-op.

We did, however, succeed in working out a community-scale model of sail transport that other groups, located in more progressive communities, can use. And, we transported over 12 tons of local goods with minimalist fossil fuel (engine dockside).

We will be maintaining social media: Twitter and Facebook; email contact via Kathy (kpelish [at] gmail; and this website as a point-of-contact. Thank you to everyone who supported us during the six years of development!



“Meaning accrues in duration.” ~ Filmmaker Ken Burns.

Have we found the resources necessary to make community-scale sail transport work?


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